Peak Corporate Solutions

Malcolm Peak of Peak Corporate Solutions says he does what it says on the tin: EVP is a sales tool. An EVP (employer value proposition) helps sell an organisation, and an EVP helps employees sell their labour – it’s selling opportunities to companies and people.

When you ask the question, why should I work for you? Or, vice versa, why should we employ you? Your EVP should answer that.

Peak Corporate Solutions is Australia’s leading EVP company. Established in 2013, Peak Corporate Solutions offers businesses a flexible and pragmatic approach to their projects while adhering to leading best practice principles. The company focuses on two main offerings: EVP (Employee Value Proposition) development and HR Advisory services.

For Malcolm, being a part of The Human Collaborative was an opportunity to network with some leading minds and provide solutions to a broader range of his client’s challenges, leveraging the strength and skillsets of the other collaborators.

Malcolm is committed to making a meaningful contribution to the success of the organisations he partners with and provides advice to. It’s not all work; Malcolm is equally committed to balance and perspective, striving for a healthy mix.

For 2024, Malcolm is looking at the shift towards more tailored EVP messaging rather than “prosaic” statements around more digestible themes, including flexibility, D&I and impact, which have limited or no effect. Instead, Malcolm encourages organisations to leverage the unique qualities of their employment offering and build a robust and dynamic EVP. You can read more of Malcolm’s thoughts about this on his latest blog here.

And, to finish this spotlight, something Malcolm is enjoying at the moment is learning to fly fish. From helping employers catch the best fish in the sea to providing advice on HR strategy, Malcolm from Peak Corporate Solutions is an integral asset and expert in The Human Collaborative.